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Brothers of Chaos Returns
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Brothers of Chaos has a long history that began back in 2004 when I returned home from Iraq. My brothers and I had played an online game called "Counter Strike 1.6" prior to me deploying, and upon my return we thought it would be a great way for us to stay connected so we started meeting up more regularly to play. The more we played, the better we got, which would typically be a good thing, except people do not like getting owned in their own servers. ;)

Suddenly, our fun and enjoyment turned into was soured trying to find servers that we could simply just meet up and have some fun here and there. ( no easy task! ) So one day I decided to make our own server and Brothers of Chaos was born. We ran CS 1.6 for awhile and as the server grew so did the expectations from the community, from wanting other games, to stats, to a place to interact when not in a game and so fast forward a few years and we now had a custom website, forums, stats, custom admin functions for our servers...
TF 2 15 years and TF2 is still going
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So the other day myself and Polishss re installed TF2 as BF has gotten boring a little bit. To our surprise we lost about 2 hours of time as once we got in and started playing we had an absolutely blast. I wasn't a big fan of the server but it got the job done and stayed fairly full. Got me into thinking maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a server around again for this.

I did a little research and look at the comparison in numbers of these two games. Seems to be a very solid base left in this game.
BF 2042 Battlefield 2042
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This is a test of the article system and featured promotion system that I hope to have working on the site.

Originally, several of us from the old BOC days thought Battlefield 2042 was going to be a great game to bond and enjoy while at the same time giving a platform to help build the community again. This game absolutely flopped as it came out, who creates a team based game and then fails to give the tools to work as a team and play it? They did... the game launched with no voice coms, a horrible interface to add recent players and etc..... I could go on but this is a test post :)

Don't get me wrong, I have found many hours of enjoyment in this game but it required to coordinate meet up times with other guys so that we could all be in discord to make the team play actually happen. Myself and Polishss have so many screen records of play that I do hope to push out on the site, because like I said we do find enjoyment in it. However it is not a community friendly...

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