Woodford Reserve - Double Oaked


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Woodford Reserve - Double Oaked is today's drink of choice while working on the website. First off I have always been more of a Rum fan but at the start of the pandemic I found it difficult to find my drink of choice. One day my wife brought home a bottle of Woodford reserve (not double oaked), it was stocked at Costco and was cheaper then most things found at a liquor store and she likes bourbon :)

I am a fan of it but it certainly isn't my first drink of choice, however I feel like it has some kick..... as in (a couple of cocktails in) I am feeling it, so I typically do not go more then that and its a nice social drink. Anyway the other day I saw this Double oaked at Costco so I picked up a bottle and let me tell you...... I am enjoying it. I will add a more in depth thought / review on this later but I suggest you go out and get some of this and try it for yourself.


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