[Update Notes] Version 1.53 (Dec 13th Update)

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No longer are monsters just wild creatures, to be hunted for the treasures they possess! Now, Athena has extended her blessings, and granted all Lords and Ladies the ability to forge pacts with Monsters and make them our Familiars!

Their support skills will improve your turf, and their attack skills will destroy your enemies! With these formidable companions by your side, nothing will stand in your way!

# New feature: Familiars! (Clear Skirmish 8 - Sacred War to unlock)
- New Buildings:
* Monsterhold: Houses all your Familiars! Enhance your Familiars and upgrade their skills here.
* Spring: Produces Anima, a new resource.
* Mystic Spire: Make Pacts (to summon Familiars), and Skillstones (to upgrade their skills)!
* Gym: Train your Familiars here to give them EXP and Skill EXP.
- New Research tree: [Familiars] - Increase Anima production and unlock higher grade Pacts!
# Updated Interface: Added option to hide UI when scrolling through the Kingdom Map (Mini chat window will not be hidden)
# Winter is here, and snow is blanketing the land!
# Various UI improvements
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Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.