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Brothers of Chaos has a long history that began back in 2004 when I returned home from Iraq. My brothers and I had played an online game called "Counter Strike 1.6" prior to me deploying, and upon my return we thought it would be a great way for us to stay connected so we started meeting up more regularly to play. The more we played, the better we got, which would typically be a good thing, except people do not like getting owned in their own servers. ;)

Suddenly, our fun and enjoyment turned into was soured trying to find servers that we could simply just meet up and have some fun here and there. ( no easy task! ) So one day I decided to make our own server and Brothers of Chaos was born. We ran CS 1.6 for awhile and as the server grew so did the expectations from the community, from wanting other games, to stats, to a place to interact when not in a game and so fast forward a few years and we now had a custom website, forums, stats, custom admin functions for our servers and at the time was considered a very successful gaming community.

As for me and my brothers, life was still moving along, we all had kids who were getting older and I was still active duty Army and the Iraq deployment was just the beginning of many more and as the community grew so did my real life responsibilities. Eventually in 2010 while on deployment to a remote area in Northern Afghanistan Brothers of Chaos would soon come to a slow crawl. Internet access was limited and even when I had it was sketchy at best, in every story there is always some Drama and this would be no exception however the end result is I decided it was time to focus on my real life and slowly let BOC fade away.

With that said, I had made relationships with several people who I have always stayed in touch with through all these years, sometimes meeting up for a game, might just be a phone call or text, but one thing that was always consistent was reminiscing of the BOC days. Last year several of us got together to play again as we were excited for the launch of Battlefield 2042, and talked about bringing BOC back from the dust, but holy crap BF 2042 turned out to be a shit show! and BOC was put on the back burner again, don't get me wrong we still play it and can find some enjoyment in, but it certainly was not going to be the game to focus a community around and especially one that still lacks functionality to encourage team play.

But what we do have is several friends who still enjoy a game here and there , are loyal, witty, intelligent and in simple terms, just good human beings to be around, which sadly seems to be lacking in culture these days. With that said, I thought why limit ourselves to a game or platform and instead try and create a place that we simply have to come to and interact on the subjects and content we are interested in and if the grows into something more, great! and if it doesn't I am okay with that too, but you never will know unless you give something a try.


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