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This is a test of the article system and featured promotion system that I hope to have working on the site.

Originally, several of us from the old BOC days thought Battlefield 2042 was going to be a great game to bond and enjoy while at the same time giving a platform to help build the community again. This game absolutely flopped as it came out, who creates a team based game and then fails to give the tools to work as a team and play it? They did... the game launched with no voice coms, a horrible interface to add recent players and etc..... I could go on but this is a test post :)

Don't get me wrong, I have found many hours of enjoyment in this game but it required to coordinate meet up times with other guys so that we could all be in discord to make the team play actually happen. Myself and Polishss have so many screen records of play that I do hope to push out on the site, because like I said we do find enjoyment in it. However it is not a community friendly game, and we have no ability to host our own server, which if they did allow I think it would certainly help with the player base.

Anyway, this test post will be to see if when featured it will play a video I briefly created for testing purposes



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