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Howdy all!

So, my name is Gary --- I know, a very strong masculine name that you do not run into much these days, but I assure you it's full of awesomeness ;) . In the online world back in 1996 (this would have been when I purchased my first PC) I ran under the name "slickstr52" 52 was my Call sign over the radio and well slickstr just came as easy as it sounds, I was pretty slick o_O. I played a game back then called "Air Warrior" for the young bucks, you wouldn't be that impressed with the graphics however the multiplayer game play was insane and soooooo much fun. Back then I was too busy on deployments to get too involved in the online world but I connected here and there for random games for several years.

If you took any time to read the "About BOC" here is another chance ( History of BOC ), that post sums up pretty good how I entered more into the online world of multiplayer games and why you might be reading this post now. I am now known more as "AbnVet or AirB0rneVet" its really quite simple on this as well.... I jumped out of airplanes for a living so Abn = Airborne, Vet = Veteran and well AirB0rneVet was so I didn't have to explain the acronym anymore lol. I think there are a lot of great things that can come from comradery - it can come in many forms, from gaming to social media, the latter being one that I feel has probably done more bad then good in today's society, and to be fair "gaming" could also be considered by many as another contributor.

The technology though is here to stay and only continues to improve, and in my humble opinion could maybe use some old people like myself to help maintain a foundation of the old school style of principles and morality I was raised with. So whether online, or in person what you see with me is what you get, I am as direct as they come and speak from my heart, right or wrong I will always speak what I believe to be truth. I believe one of the biggest things I have learned over the years was "humility" I didn't have that for the longest time and sadly I did not truly learn it until these past few years since I retired from the Army.

With that said I am just a guy, a husband, a father, a brother and a loyal friend to those in my circle. I love technology, being outdoors, camping, fishing, hunting, target shooting, building shit, tattoos, patriotism, our country and in whole what the United States has always stood for (yes we have our faults - I choose to embrace the good and deplore the bad) but most importantly I love being a Husband to my beautiful wife and trying to be a good dad to my kids.

My hope with establishing BoC again is that we together can build an environment that will be based on fun, family, comradery, inclusion and most importantly mutual respect!

I reserve the right to edit this post as needed :)