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  1. AbnVet

    My second Graphics Design Project

    Well - considering at this time I am pretty much posting this for myself or the two other people who might view it:) I have decided if for not anything other than a place for me to watch my progress in through Art School I will simply post my stuff here too :) I mean why not I my very own...
  2. AbnVet

    BF 2042 Another test video

  3. AbnVet

    BF 2042 Air Combat - Death From Above

    A little Battlefield 2042 aircraft compilation. I am slowly learning some editing skills, but I have a long path ahead. I tried adding music to this one.
  4. AbnVet

    BF 2042 Another test video

    @Buzzkill @PolishSecretService You both are in here :)
  5. AbnVet

    Task Management Software??

    @Buzzkill As our resident expert on project management. Do you have any recommendations for a Calendar / task type of set up? I like to use technology to my benefit and I am really struggling with the right combination for me to use with school and my travel and all the shit I have to get done...
  6. AbnVet

    The Balvenie Caribbean Cask

    I will help my brother out and spice his post up.
  7. AbnVet

    About me....

    Howdy all! So, my name is Gary --- I know, a very strong masculine name that you do not run into much these days, but I assure you it's full of awesomeness ;) . In the online world back in 1996 (this would have been when I purchased my first PC) I ran under the name "slickstr52" 52 was my...
  8. This is a test

    This is a test

  9. AbnVet

    TF 2 15 years and TF2 is still going

  10. AbnVet

    Woodford Reserve - Double Oaked

    Woodford Reserve - Double Oaked is today's drink of choice while working on the website. First off I have always been more of a Rum fan but at the start of the pandemic I found it difficult to find my drink of choice. One day my wife brought home a bottle of Woodford reserve (not double...
  11. AbnVet

    Website work begins!!

    Website work begins!!
  12. AbnVet

    TF 2 15 years and TF2 is still going

    So the other day myself and Polishss re installed TF2 as BF has gotten boring a little bit. To our surprise we lost about 2 hours of time as once we got in and started playing we had an absolutely blast. I wasn't a big fan of the server but it got the job done and stayed fairly full. Got me...
  13. AbnVet

    BF 2042 Battlefield 2042

    This is a test of the article system and featured promotion system that I hope to have working on the site. Originally, several of us from the old BOC days thought Battlefield 2042 was going to be a great game to bond and enjoy while at the same time giving a platform to help build the...
  14. AbnVet

    Brothers of Chaos Returns

    Brothers of Chaos has a long history that began back in 2004 when I returned home from Iraq. My brothers and I had played an online game called "Counter Strike 1.6" prior to me deploying, and upon my return we thought it would be a great way for us to stay connected so we started meeting up...
  15. AbnVet

    HELLO this is a test

    HELLO this is a test