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  1. AbnVet


    Glad you found the site itch, we will be getting more important things up here shortly
  2. AbnVet

    [Update Notes] Version 1.53 (Dec 13th Update)

    No longer are monsters just wild creatures, to be hunted for the treasures they possess! Now, Athena has extended her blessings, and granted all Lords and Ladies the ability to forge pacts with Monsters and make them our Familiars! Their support skills will improve your turf, and their attack...
  3. AbnVet

    I am Hardaker587

    What is in your portfolio - Graphic design? php, mysql? etc... Would love to find someone in the guild whose great at photoshop and mysql
  4. AbnVet

    I am Hardaker587

    well holy crap hardraker you can help me out >>>????
  5. AbnVet

    Just Call me Jax

    lol great avatar erik
  6. AbnVet

    Not Erik

    Thanks for being quick erik
  7. AbnVet

    Just Call me Jax

    I will be adding more areas - and styling in the coming days. The styling will I hope have a tactical feel :)
  8. AbnVet

    Just Call me Jax

    I love that name, thanks for helping me test the system brother
  9. AbnVet

    And it was born again

    Brothers of Chaos used to be a large multi-gaming organization that hosted its own servers for Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 1/2 and other games and had a community of over 50,000 registered members and over 1 million posts. It was disbanded in 2010 and has set idle until now. Today marks the...